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don't be frightened by the storm

Last night I learned how much I can handle before losing my mind. Illness, finally giving up on old friends, a ton of dumb school things, very little alcohol, new realization & confession, and some really exciting things. I've seen a huge change in my life in just this past month. Thank you new year.

Alright. So.
I may be booking two shows in April. I have so much to do until then to make sure it goes well. But I'm ready for it, and at least I don't have to go about it alone... This show seems promising:

to quote adrian-
"Privacy (Kansas) (most beautiful songs sung by a woman) 
A John Henry Memorial (Minnesota) (most beautiful songs sun by a man) 
The Watery Graves of Portland (Pennsylvania) (most beautiful dancing on the furniture of the mind) 
Adrian Orange & The Moving Sky Thanksgiving Band (hullabaloo)"

Hopefully this will be Sunday, April 2nd at the Spark. Still in the works though.
I was going to book Slingshot Dakota to play this show, but today I got a message from them, and they need a date in the middle of the month. So that kind of fucks up my plan, but hopefully I'll be able to work something out.
Other news, I can't wait to see hot cross.

Aaaanyway, things are looking up!

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